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These Young Men, Poor Boys!

The phrase that entitles this pastoral is the name of a song in which the author tells young people to hear his elderly advice in order to avoid hurt feelings and frustrations. The song is beautiful and I grasp its message, but I want to use its title here to highlight the sad reality that I have seen with regard to our youth.

I want to emphasize this by saying in advance that I'm outraged! Very angry! Outraged by what I have seen and heard! Let me explain: in the past week, a young man I know attended to his first class in a private college of São Paulo. He knew that the environment there would be quite different from what he had experienced at high school. However, the absurdities that he witnessed shocked him to the point he almost became physically ill. 

It happened that, instead of classes, the young man was taken along with the other freshmen to a meeting in which, they said, they would attend to  "guidance lectures." There, however, they were exposed to all kinds of evil and harmful ideas coming from "intellectuals", listening to attacks against family, morality, churches and all that have any trace of decency and truth.

The clear goal of the speakers was to "disinfect" the young of any honorable notion. They wanted to pull out all traces of virtue that perhaps there were in them. Taking advantage of the weakness of their emotional structure, their vagueness in the field of values, their critical immaturity and insecurity due to being in a "new world", those wicked wasted no time and harassed those poor children, vandalized their heads and tried to steal from their mind every good. In the lecture, those speakers praised all that is shameful, reprehensible, indecent, filthy and vile. Before the dazzled eyes of boys and girls fresh out of their parent’s house, they covered in gold the devil’s statue, sang praises to it, bowed and kissed it, stating their way of acting and seeing things is the expression of the highest intelligence and freedom.

Perverse people! Damned people! People who rape the soul of fragile people! People who rot in unhappiness and, full of bitterness, try to drag those who still have hopes of escaping into the same sewage they live in. Yes, I'm angry! I am outraged because the academic centers of our country should encourage good morals, promoting true values ​​and delivering to society better people. What we see in these places, however, are actions of “dumbfying” that destroy the already shredded moral fiber of the youth in Brazil.

Throughout their childhood and adolescence, our youth were amputated in the soul of any notion of God. They have not learned about the existence of a Master in heaven and therefore could find no reason to live except spend life on spree. That is why they very early bemoan that huge vacuum in the heart, that “nothing” as a goal and that “throwing away of life”, wasting precious time on trivial things.

Our youth was also deprived of parents who knew how to fulfill their roles with excellence. Having abandoned Christian values ​​and everything with regards to the Holy Scriptures, parents were left with no fixed standards for measuring right and wrong. So they began to raise their children instilling in them personal vague impressions of what is right and good. They themselves did not know what was actually correct and followed their uncertain and fluctuating intuitions, delivering to their kids a insecure, loose and fragile moral education that lacks solid foundation.

Many, to make matters worse, followed worldly philosophies of education that proposed the absence of serious correction and good discipline. These philosophies told parents that they should let their children at the mercy of themselves, so that they freely develop their potential. And believe me, the recipe was right! Many young people today have enormous potential - potential to harm who tells them "no", to disrespect anyone or any standard and to break all limits on their excesses and negligence.

Finally, our youth was deprived of any good model. Brazilian people have no great artists, great talents and great leaders left. Our actresses and singers are indiscreet women that fill up the body with silicone and the mouth with feminist cliché talks. Our actors and other "celebrities" are empty men that, as teenagers, pose as prince charming, repeating those old decadent jargons which our silly people like to applaud. Our musicians do not make beautiful compositions but produce only acoustic garbage with shallow lyrics and unbearable melodies. We no longer have distinguished political giants such as Rui Barbosa. What we do is a bunch of dashing crooks that jump over any carcass they might devour, just like vultures. Our heroes are football players with low education and dirty mouths who add nothing positive to our culture. Therefore, without poets, without writers, without talent and without good leaders, our young people are also without models, and then begin to look up to all kinds of foolishness they see around.

These young men, poor boys... They stole everything from them! And finally, when they enter college, they still try to loot the little that was left.

These young men, poor boys ... Is there any hope left for them? Well, I'm angry, but not to the point of blindness. That’s why I know the answer is "yes!". Unfortunately, hope is what our youth most despise and ridicule. See what says the book of Psalms: "How can a young man keep his behavior pure? By living according to your word "(Psalm 119.9). By observing the "madness" of the Word of God the young can get rid of all the devouring and destructive lies surrounding them so early. If they don’t take that direction, soon will see all boiling down to a life full of sin and empty of meaning.

Pr. Marcos Granconato
Soli Deo gloria

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