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Gangs of Church

Unbelievers and apostates exist everywhere. What is the difference between them? The difference is that the unbelievers have never had faith in Christ. Already apostates had, but it was natural that faith, illusory and transient that does not save anyone, just like described in the Parable of the Sower, when he speaks of the seed that fell on rocky ground (Mt 13.20, 21). That's the difference between - a historical difference, but not essential. In the background the two are unbelievers and in the end both go to hell.

As I said, these people exist everywhere. However, it has a kind of awe and apostate that lodges in the church! That's right ... In the church! (See a description of them in Jude 1). This was always a mystery to me. I wondered, "Why do they attend the meetings of God's people?" Or "What do you want from us?". Their presence among the saints made no sense to me. There are so many options out there that meet their inclinations and desires? Why remain in the congregation of the righteous?

The Parable of the Weeds helped me get some answers. In this parable, we learn who plants that bad people in the fields of the Lord. In fact, the biblical text says that the devil is the enemy cultivating weeds among the wheat (Mt 13.37-39). This shows hence the impulse that leads the unbelievers and apostates churchy attending Sunday services. It is clearly the move of Satan that sustains this "zeal". Now, from there you can imagine what are the reasons why these people infiltrate among believers.

Obviously Satan keeps unbelievers and apostates within the church to damage it and reduce its quality. Just as the presence of sown tares among the wheat makes the planting be ugly, poor and low quality, also the people that Satan plants in the church to do weaken and suffer. And that's what the devil wants. Therefore, these people are in the church, even though other options that correspond best to their character and expectations.

Indeed, unbelievers and apostates have plenty of social involvement there. In recent years, some even for options not assumed apostates. Yes, note that there are evangelical churches today that do not have anything Christian. Preach heresies, disclose a loose ethics, approve dirty behavior, advertise as divine things that the Bible writers never dreamed ... These churches are excellent alternatives to the apostate not made and many of them not supporting more pure Word preached in communities serious, rush to these groups. There they are mistaken, saying that they are not diverted, but that only went to another church. However, we know that they are merely pseudo-living a false spirituality, attending false churches and delighting in false gospel preached by false pastors.

Unfortunately, not all unbelievers and apostates churchy go to these communities. Illustrating what teaches the parable of the tares, many of them remain in serious churches, formed by true believers and there perform the task of corrupting children, divert young people, produce strife, build a heavy environment, disrupting services and Bible studies, away visitors interested in the biblical message, to criticize all that is done and denigrate the gospel.

I met people like that in the churches that I was part of lifelong. I saw in action the members of the ecclesiastical underworld - Devil agents embedded in the gathering believers. Yes, I saw a teenager interested in the gospel get away from the Sunday meeting to suffer bullying by a couple of cheeky boys who were members of the church; I saw children being led to homosexual practices for three or four scoundrels who were in the church only to pervert innocent; I saw young people leave cults and ready to go the "devil four" through the night, taking with other young people of the church who accompanied them to be accepted by the group (when they, sensing danger, then tried to pull away, were pressed, ridiculed and despised by those bastards); I saw a girl be taken to drink by itself teenage couple leaders (parents only discovered the problem because one night were surprised by the news that his daughter was in the hospital in an alcoholic coma); I saw young people are introduced to the world of drugs within the church itself by rogue disguised as Christians who went to church services every Sunday; vi tours, camps, special programs and even prayer vigils are completely damaged and destroyed because of the actions of evil men and indecent women who penetrated the church membrezia for the sole purpose of disrupting, fix trouble, trivialize and devastate everything.

No doubt, things like that happen often, putting all the risk in church. The worst is that the unbelievers and apostates churchy unite. Very quickly they recognize in the crowd and then form groups, gangs true evil composed of ladies, men, couples, young people and even children - various gangs who do all that is contrary to the values of the Kingdom and the right education the Word, but that still remain in the church, sometimes (gasp!) occupying important positions.

What to do about such a serious problem as well? If you are part of a church where the pastor has no pulse to use the stick and protect the flock of these dangerous packs then protect it himself. In the church where the wolves are not called to run, those running the sheep are. So, get away from these damn church gangs. Escape them as much as possible. Not part of their group, not participate in their meetings, their conversations or their tours. When you do, do not be surprised, because these people will mock you, despise him and to slander him. Even so, stay away, keeping communion only with those of pure heart call upon the Lord (2 Tim 2:22).

Remember: Psalm 1 says that the wicked will not prevail in the congregation of the righteous (Ps 1.5) and Jesus said "that day" will be removed from the tares among the wheat, and finally burned (Mt 13:40). Now, however, none of this happens, treat yourself and warn his brothers. The damage to the church gang can bring to your life and that of other believers may be irreparable. Do not pay to see.

Pr. Marcos Granconato
Soli Deo Gloria
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