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The Barrel´s Philosopher

In ancient Greece there was a philosopher named Diogenes of Sinope. He was born around 412 BC and died in about 323 BC, in Corinth. Diogenes lived in Athens, where he was known as an eccentric figure. He walked with a flashlight during the day, saying he was looking for a sincere and honest man. Also lived in a big barrel (equal to the Keys) and is usually depicted as a beggar surrounded dogs. In fact, Diogenes lived thus to realize the ideal of a life free of futility, values ​​and useless luxuries.

Diogenes is defined as a Cynic philosopher - the kind of thinker who rejected the sexual morality, the value of the authorities and the need for institutions like marriage and the state. Of course, as a Christian, I am averse to such proposals. However, there is an anecdote linked to the folklore around the Diogenes figure that I find very interesting.

They say that one day (who account is Plutarch), the barrel of the philosopher was faced with no less than Alexander the Great. The emperor, seeing the philosopher sitting in the sun, in complete misery, told him I asked him what he wanted. Diogenes then replied: "I ask that you do not take what I have." Alexander was intrigued and said something like this (I paraphrase): "But you have nothing! How can I take something from you? ". The philosopher, in short, clearly replied: "I ask you do not get between me and the sun." In other words: "Alexander, I have, yes, a request: take a small step to the side because you're messing up my bath Sun".

Like this anecdote because I wonder the face of the emperor at the time. He thought he owned the world, the proud king of the earth, the great ruler who could grant all that was asked. So Diogenes showed an immense contempt for all that Alexander had and said that he was holding the shade! For Alexander was clear that Diogenes the considered someone who had nothing important and that, moreover, was a nuisance!

In my head preacher is inevitable that a comic these awaken certain analogies. I think of the unbelievers who know; I think of the people of the world with all its pride, passing the image they are made, self-sufficient and owners of themselves; I think of the men without God looking for believers and seeing them as unfortunates who do not enjoy life, depriving themselves of what is best; I think of these people offers rotten life that comes close to us judging upper and assuming treasures have to offer ... Anyway, I think of the sad heart Alexanders who want to teach us to be happy (hehehe).

Then I think of Christian and imagine his response to these fools, "There, yes, one thing I want from you: depart a bit, because they are preventing the passage of light. Their conversations, ideas, jokes and appeals hinder my complete enjoy the sun. I want to fully walk in the light and you are doing shadow. So, if you even be legal, be a little more to the side. In fact, if they can leave, would be even better. "

In fact, the world has nothing that can complete our peace and joy. All your offers are lying and, when accepted, distract us from the right path, leading to a horrible end abyss. In Christ, however, we have everything we need for real happiness. Him and through Him we obtain forgiveness, righteousness, life, peace and satisfaction (John 7:38; Rom 8.6).

What else do we need? Anything! So let us look at the world with all its misleading attractive and repeat as new Diogenes: "I walk in the light and want to stay that way. Stop trying to make me shade. "

Pr. Marcos Granconato
Soli Deo gloria

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