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What Happened on Sunday Morning?

Last week, a church of about 120 members, located in São Paulo, held one of their regular worship services on Sunday morning. On occasion, about 25 people attended it, just over 20% of the total membership. What happened? Well, that answer depends on the perspective we focus on. Let's see ..

What happened to the Kingdom of God’s domains?

Very simple: The name of the Lord - our creator, redeemer and sustainer - was not glorified and served with the force that it should, or at least that it could.

What happened to Satan and his angels?

At this point, we cannot overstate things by appealing to that side of demons, evil spirits, etc. Let's stick to the facts interpreting them within the limits that sound doctrine allows. One is the truth: for them it was a very peaceful Sunday. There was not much to do. Almost everything was the way they wanted.

What happened to the enemies of faith, such as atheists and apostates?

Ah, for them it was a very special Sunday. When they learned of the low frequency on that church, they felt very encouraged and happy. Saw everything as a proof that they are right and that the pure Word of God is useless. "If it was somehow useful," they thought, "there would be a lot more people in the church."

What happened to the believers who didn’t go to church?

Nothing. For them it was a Sunday like any other. In fact, they did not even remember that there was a service going on. The lifestyle they have adopted several years ago removed such commitment from their agenda. Sunday services in the morning are not an option anymore. And they sleep very well with it (especially on Sundays).

What happened to the preacher who ministered the Word that morning?

Ooops! Here we must avoid demagoguery, emotional blackmail, appeals ... But we must also avoid diminishing what actually happened to him. For the love of the truth, it must be said: He was quite discouraged. In the weakest moment he came to think that his work is not worth much, and that he’s wasting his time. It really was a hard blow. And I think others are to come. Poor him…

What happened to the brothers who went to church?

Ow, it hurt to see! They felt cold and isolated. There was an atmosphere of apathy, a funeral silence in mid air, even at moments of informality. They weren’t exactly sad, but didn’t laugh. Some stillness involved them all and they didn’t know how (or want) to explain why. The cheerful and sunny day outside contrasted with the empty and gloomy hall, implying that life was elsewhere. Some of them will not return next Sunday.

What happened to the visitors? There were two!

They thought the church was experiencing serious problems. Maybe a crisis in leadership, division or some serious sin. They imagined that the abandonment was a form of protest, a way to show dissatisfaction and discontent. Who knows... The fact is that they won’t return. They are looking for a good church, once they have had many headaches in the churches from which they came.

What happened to the children?

Those who came learned that the church is dead. Those who didn’t, learned that the church is unnecessary. These silent lessons were indelibly etched in their souls. Only a few will remain in the faith as adults.

What happened in world history?

In world history? Yes, believe it ... What happened to that little church is the effect and also the cause of secularized and antiGod reality worldwide. It is the effect because it shows that the church believed the lie that spiritual things are worthless or worth very little. It is the cause because it contributes to the expansion of the belief that one should not fear and serve the Lord with all their heart and with all their strength. What we should fear is life slipping through our fingers without enjoying it to the maximum in relaxation and fun. And what we must serve with constant and relentless zeal is our own comfort, perhaps in front of a TV or at a down time in the living room.

"However, when the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?" (Luke 18.8).

Pr. Marcos Granconato
Soli Deo gloria
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