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The Theology of Popcorn

The ancient Indians Americans were not going to the movies, but ate popcorn. The earliest evidence of this kind of corn are dated 3600 BC and were found in New Mexico (United States). English settlers when they came to America in the 16th and 17th centuries learned from the Indians how to make popcorn. After that, missing only invent something to keep the popcorn: The Cinema. I know of children who do not get excited about the phenomenon of pop popcorn. They usually get excited about the fact that those little hard grains explode becoming fluffy white flakes. Since childhood, I have always enjoyed more the phenomenon of bursting popcorn to eat it. My frustration was that I could not see the whole process, because the pots and their lids from my mother were aluminum and thus impeded the process visibility.

One day, however, using the toy of my sister kidnapped the cooking utensils necessary for the phenomenon and replied all "experiment" with a culinary five grains, a little oil, the toy, a candle and two pieces of brick. However, what I did was question of forgetting the cover! I shielded my eyes with sunglasses toy and thus expected to find out how far one could get popcorn in his explosive flight. Could replicate the experiment again only for a neighbor, until my mother "interdicts" my "straw man lab" once and for all.

Nevertheless, my taste for popcorn was never aroused, although there were numerous condiments you can put on them. Not even the famous ghee poured in theaters managed to captivate me. Rather, disgusted the cinema seats, because people wondered putting popcorn in his mouth and then wiping his greasy hands on them. Multiplying the number of popcorn per package by the number of sessions in a projection room for a month, the result will be a good buy detergent!

But the interest in "popcornlogy" remained. Today, with more responses in relation to what impressed me so much, still interested in the production of that food.

To become popcorn, the seed corn needs to be heated. Not all seeds of other plant burst, but the seed corn has this property, because the angiosperm (material that will provide nutrition for the embryo of corn) is surrounded by a rigid layer. Thus, when subjected to heating, the small amount of water in the angiosperm becomes water vapor while the remainder of the material is more "fluid" longer "melted." When the temperature inside the seed reaches 180 ° C, the pressure reaches approximately 135 psi (pounds per square inch), the pressure almost hit by the steam locomotives that moved, for decades, the entire economy of England. It is enough that its shell is broken and ejects molten endosperm. Such materials suffer immediate cooling leading to polymerization of proteins and the appearance of white flock.

When they explode, the popcorn can adopt two conformations: "mushroom" or "butterfly". Corn cobs contain seeds that will generate the two forms, but today, there are already hybrid popcorn spikes that generate only the chosen type. The way "Butterfly" is the most commercial, it causes a good mouth feel. It's soft and does not feel much bark to bite her. The form "mushroom" is most commonly used for hard and confectionery as caramelized popcorn.

Interestingly, there is nothing in the seed that detonates spontaneously popcorn. High temperature: an external action is required. If someone does not expose the corn to high temperature, the seeds will remain as they are: hard and yellowish.

The salvation of the soul can be compared to pop popcorn. There is nothing in us, "hard and yellowish", which causes a transformation into a "new soft white creature." There was one day, one external activation. when the "heat" of preaching the gospel did "bubbling" our heart making him burst the "shell of sin and rebellion" against God. The "heat" of preaching the true gospel "heats" the heart greatly and it is impossible to contain the "overflow" of conversion.

On the other hand, I remember the "Piruás” (native Portuguese word for a corn seed that does not burst). Corn seeds were placed in intense sunlight, but did not become popcorn. Just do not burst like the others. Rather, the intense heat caused became more hard and dry. Are not rare dental fractures and damage to orthodontic those who dare to bite them.

In "spike of humanity", emerged and will emerge several "seeds" from Adam. However, until they are placed under the strong "heat" of the gospel, these "seeds" are identical. The intense heat causes the seeds burst, adopt different ways! Now, fluffy and nutritious, reveal a different appearance compared. As we know, there are two types of popcorn ("mushroom" and "Butterfly"), but even among the same kind, no two are identical. Likewise, there are two kinds of Christians, the "hot" and "cold". And among Christians cold no two are alike. Also, between the warm Christians no two are alike.

The bursting of the conversion makes us increasingly like Christ, but, surprisingly, respecting our differences, our human characteristics. Indeed, it is precisely the "overflow" of conversion that shows how unique we are and how beautiful. Until that happened, we were more of a "grain sacks buried in the world."

Also notable is like a seed that became popcorn is not as striking as when it is accompanied by other popcorn in the same bag. The showy appearance exists only when the popcorn are all close together. Their differences in shape, rather than maintaining the disjointed, they make join each other. When the hand of the consumer is going to pot, it always brings several flakes to his mouth.

Similarly, so are Christians in the formation of the Church. Our beauty is not in our uniqueness, knowing that we have. Our real beauty is in the "package" whole, ie, in the Church of Jesus, the owner of the whole "package". All of us, as we are different, "filled the mouth" of Jesus Christ with the unique sense of satisfaction.

We are all "seeds" but not all will turn "spiritual popcorn." The same "spike of Adam" continues to generate "seeds" that will turn "popcorn" and "piruás" under the "heat" of the Word of God. This is a decision of the Creator of the "spike" and she is just and perfect in his mind, even though we cannot understand it.

If you're already “heavenly popcorn", we must ask, are you the "package" along with the rest of the "popcorn"? Remember, if you are "popcorn", but is not in the "package", you should be on the "ground" and soon will be "trampled" and "swept".

If you are not "heavenly popcorn", feeling the "heat" of preaching the gospel, permits, through faith in Christ, the new creature erupts from the "bark of sin" in which he lives. You finally see right his true personality, your true beauty, for it will be given by the Holy Spirit.

Now, if you've heard the Word of God and was "heated" intensely for her, but a new creature is not broke, you probably made a "spiritual piruás". And just like the popcorn bowls, we know what the fate of "piruás".

Ev. Leandro Boer

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